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Our easy-to-use app is the final step in your apartment search adventure, simplifying your decision based on what matters most: your happiness.

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What is ORA™— And Why Does It Matter?

Want in on a little-known secret in the apartment industry? Every property has a score that ranks their online reputation. Known as ORA™, or online reputation assessment, this single score calculates reviews across multiple sites, giving you the most complete picture of resident satisfaction.

How Our App Works

Deciding on a new apartment can feel overwhelming, but with the ORA™ app, it doesn’t have to be! Here’s how we make it simple:

Our model generates one single score that reflects what matters most: resident happiness.
We monitor reviews and data points across 21+ review sites.
You get one simple, user-friendly way to evaluate and decide on the property of your dreams.
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See It In Action

Why Download the ORA™ App?

Curious how the ORA™ app can help you choose the perfect property for you? Our ORA™ app allows you to:

Visualize Your Search

See a map of potential properties in your chosen area, and watch as more populate while you expand your search. We make it easier for you with convenient color-coded pins based on the level of a property’s ORA™ score.

Narrow Down Your Selection Pool

With so many review sites out there, it can be hard to sort through the myriad of choices. You may even find conflicting opinions or inconsistent review criteria. Our app makes it easier for you to see your possibilities in a manageable way.

Make the Best Decision for You

Choosing your next place to live is an important decision, and it’s one that deserves careful thought and research. The ORA™ app gives you straightforward, no-nonsense information so you can make an informed decision.

Find the Top Properties in Any Area

No matter where you’re looking, you’ll be able to find the top-ranked properties in the area.

See Real Data-Based Scores

Evaluate choices using a property’s ORA™ score, a ranking that lets you know what current residents really think about living there.

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Map Out Your Possibilities

Search by location and see properties in real-time on a map, which will help you visualize the possibilities for your next home.

Are You a Multifamily Professional?

Want to improve resident satisfaction? By knowing and understanding your ORA™ score — the metric prospects use to make the best decision on where to call home — you’re well on your way to unlocking higher resident attraction and retention rates.

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Ready to Get Started?

Don’t settle when it comes to selecting your next apartment. Use the ORA™ app to find properties that are taking active steps to create a happier resident experience.

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Simplify your property evaluation.

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See how your property ranks.

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Meet Our Team

At J Turner, we help properties improve their online reputations and deliver the best experience for their residents. We understand that resident satisfaction is the key to a multifamily property’s success, so our solutions focus on understanding how residents really feel about a property and offering actionable steps designed to improve their happiness. With resident surveys, software that helps properties monitor their online reputation, review response service, and more, J Turner helps multifamily properties build better communities.

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Have Questions About the ORA™ App?

Considering how the ORA™ app can help you gain insight into properties you’re considering? Here are some answers to common questions about it.

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